Kongstein GmbH


KONGSTEIN enables the green shift in the energy industry by supporting clients striving towards a sustainable use of resources. KONGSTEIN provides technical advisory and project management to deliver innovative, efficient solutions to the offshore renewables and maritime industries.


Market insights

• Datailed and tailor-made market analyses for the offshore wind, maritime and hydrogen industries,

• Market entry strategies, initial product development support and potential market mapping,

• Project management through to market readiness,

• Supply chain reports and industry key-player insights


Technical concepts and analysis

• T&I concepts,

• H2 Logistic concepts,

• CO2 footprint analysis,

• Vessel design review,

• Decommissioning concepts


Project management

• Technical support with tender and bid management,

• Integrated concept development for planning, installation and operation phases,

• Offshore transport and installation package management,

• WTG Package management,

• Cable package management,

• Marine logistics and commissioning management,

• Client representation for offshore wind farm installation campaigns,

• Comprehensive campaigns for clients, including planning an execution of major component exchanges and unexpected event management.


Asset and risk management

• O&M strategies and concepts,

• OPEX modelling,

• Risk quantification,

• Marine operations including our crew of qualified IJU captains, master mariners and DP2 operators,

• Ship management services for specialized vessels

Kongstein GmbH

Kongstein GmbH
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