A streamlined and uniform naming convention for wind turbines

The Global Wind Data Tag-List

SCADA International is now making available its Global Wind Data Tag-List, providing uniformity to roughly 1400 tag-names and data points that cover diverse turbine types, models and brands. The tag-list is a naming convention which attempts to promote data exchange within the industry, rooted in and compliant with the IEC 61400-25 standard.

The Global Wind Data Tag-List is a naming convention that accommodates the industry’s diverse data point names (tags) to standardize data exchange, as well as data analysis, regardless of turbine type, manufacturer and service provider. Elaborated by SCADA International, applying the tag-list enables uniform data naming from a diverse portfolio of assets, reducing data error risks and in the data quality assurance process.

Efficient use of data for comparable and reliable performance data across the fleet starts with the standarization of the data tag-names, reducing greatly the effort and complexity of applying common analytics models and metrics. Indeed, within renewable industry – especially wind assets –, data is recognized as an essential decision-making tool to reduce operational and maintenance cost and improve the turbine performance. Operational asset data requires a reliable, complete and straightforward way to access the data and, currently, the wide range of proprietary protocols and data sets hinders the data collection and analysis process.

Likewise, access to data enhances the role that data analytics provides in translating data into valuable decision-making information. Therefore, the Global Wind Data Tag-List is being made available at the industry’s disposal to promote a knowledge-sharing culture in order to develop new efficient ideas, reduce error, or lower the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE).

To conclude, the successful and timely development of the wind industry into the Industrial Internet of Things (loT) data uniformity. Consequently, standards such as IEC 61400-25 have arisen. The IEC 61400-25 particularly encourages cooperative information exchange among wind power assets and owner systems – such as SCADA systems. Created by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), it proposes how data could be named and does not provide specific instructions on how to convert the wide range of data into one standard data set. Therefore, SCADA International hopes by sharing this list, the industry will find the Global Wind Data Tag-List a basis from which to step forward.

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