Inn2POWER adds Transparency to the Wind Industry and Green Hydrogen Supply Chain

Industry groups from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom have published an amended "Inn2POWER Company Directory" as part of their Inn2POWER Interreg Project. With the directory, the group aims at supporting the ramp-up of a green hydrogen supply chain among European SMEs as well as wind energy businesses. The project partners further compiled several status reports on offshore wind energy and hydrogen for a number of European countries. The aim of the Inn2POWER project is to support SMEs by connecting offshore wind and green hydrogen businesses in the North Sea region.

The interactive Company Directory will serve as an online address book for the offshore wind and green hydrogen industry in Europe. It can help companies showcase their capabilities to a large international network, improve knowledge, skills and availability of qualified staff. The Directory also acts as a matchmaking tool and offers users the possibility to include requests, for example to find cooperation partners. Participants will be able to expand their network and get in contact with suppliers, partners, and new clients across Europe.

"The Directory will provide a transparent overview of knowledge and skills that are available within the clusters and thus help SMEs to identify collaboration opportunities and improve access to test and demo facilities", the partners believe. "The Inn2POWER project is helping to achieve the target of at least 76 GW of offshore wind by 2030, endorsed by North Seas Energy Cooperation ministers in September", they add. The 2030 target is followed by targets of at least 193 GW by 2040 and at least 260 GW by 2050.

Apart from supporting cooperation opportunities of SMEs, the Inn2POWER consortium will demonstrate how co-developed plans for shared and innovative SME testing and logistic facilities can lead to innovation across the value chain.

Within the Directory, the partners also published Green Hydrogen State of the Nation Reports, highlighting the status of the Green Hydrogen Sector in the clusters of Belgium, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Combining the forces of nine partners in four countries of the North Sea region, the aim of Inn2POWER is to expand the capacity for innovation and improve access to the offshore wind industry and green hydrogen for SMEs by connecting offshore wind and green hydrogen businesses in the North Sea region.

Last year, the partners started the second phase of the Inn2POWER Project. Until mid-2023, the consortium will support the development of transnational business cases of SMEs in the wind energy and green hydrogen sectors. The second phase of the project builds on the consortium's work of the first phase since 2016, in which the team successfully supported companies in the offshore wind sector to collaborate and enter new markets.

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The Inn2POWER project is supported by the European Union's European Regional Development Fund, Interreg North Sea Region Programme.

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