General Information

Since 2011, the WAB has organised various innovation circles (formerly working groups). In these circles, the employees of member companies use the confidential exchange of ideas to jointly develop solutions to urgent problems in the industry.

urgent problems in the sector. Ideas for cooperation and research projects are also generated here.

The innovation circles meet regularly (every three to six months) for mutual exchange and to continue working on the topics. 

In addition, there are topic-specific expert groups that are formed from the innovation circles.

Interested parties can contact the WAB office.

The goals of the innovation circles are diverse and depend on current developments:

  • Exchange of information between member companies
  • Regular meetings and creation of a basis of trust
  • Joint development of proposals for solving urgent problems in the sector
  • Development of joint statements and recommendations for action
  • Creation of common knowledge
  • Further development of knowledge by including several sectors (maritime, wind energy, aviation, etc.)
  • Initiation of cooperations and projects
  • Initiation of research projects
The WAB Working Groups at a glance