Dirk Briese (wind:research)


12.11.2018, 09:00–11:30 (t.i.m.e.Port II, Bremerhaven)

Selection of Themes

    The Market and Logistics working group was formed from various WAB specialist groups (requirements, logistics, etc.) and is currently dealing with

    1. the requirements, challenges and developments for and in logistics for wind energy (focus on offshore) and
    2. with the global market and its developments.

    After the opening of WAB to onshore wind energy, there is also the possibility of considering requirements for logistics and market developments in the onshore wind energy sector.  
    In the working group, experts discuss approaches to solutions for the industry and exchange views on current developments. Among other things, ideas for cooperations and research projects are generated here. In the past, topics such as market development in Germany, logistics solutions for the ABC peninsula, OTB (Offshore Terminal Bremerhaven), floating foundations, market development abroad, etc. were discussed.  

    Currently (2018), the changes in requirements due to larger plants (10/12 MW) are being analysed, in particular the consequences for logistics.
    The meetings take place alternately with members of the working group, centrally in Bremerhaven (WAB) or in Bremen (wind:research).

    www.windresearch.de; Dirk Briese