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WAB supports TenneT's "Wind Power Booster Concept"

WAB e.V. Managing Director Heike Winkler comments on the new "Wind Power Booster Concept" unveiled by TenneT today:

"We support the concept of a new offshore wind grid hub in the North Sea developed by TenneT as we are committed to leveraging acceleration potential for the expansion of offshore wind and 'green' hydrogen in German waters," said WAB e.V. Managing Director Heike Winkler.

"It is a matter of exploiting further potential for the long-term demand for climate-friendly electricity, even beyond the framework established today. Therefore, we are happy to engage in a dialogue with all stakeholders," Winkler added.

"Even in the short term, it should be examined what possibilities there are for a faster expansion. In addition to better climate protection, this can also contribute to a trend reversal in employment. Today we still have just over 20,000 full-time jobs in the offshore wind sector, after we were already on the way towards 30,000. As we heard most recently at our WINDFORCE Conference: Accelerated expansion is the key to maintaining and growing skilled jobs in offshore wind," Winkler said.


Transmission system operator TenneT today unveiled its "Wind Power Booster Concept", which for the first time is foreseen to connect a 6 GW distribution hub in the North Sea via three direct current connections of 2 GW each to grid interconnectors in the Bremen area, in Lower Saxony as well as in Schleswig-Holstein. Direct connections to Denmark, the UK or the Netherlands will also be possible. This "LanWin hub" would allow 6 GW of offshore wind to be connected to the grid as early as 2032, which is three years faster than foreseen in the current grid development plan.

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Bremerhaven-based WAB is the nationwide contact partner for the offshore wind industry in Germany and the leading business network for onshore wind energy in the north-west region. The association fosters the production of "green" hydrogen from wind energy. It comprises some 250 smaller and larger businesses as well as institutes from all sectors of the wind industry, the maritime industry as well as research.


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