The Top Priority Is High Uptime

Germany’s offshore wind operations now in full swing: Industry will meet at the WINDFORCE conference in Bremerhaven from 9 to 11 May 2017

Bremerhaven, 27 March 2017 –  Germany’s offshore wind industry has entered the operational phase – today some 16 offshore wind farms in the country’s North and Baltic sea regions feed more than four gigawatts of power to the grid. These offshore facilities need service and maintenance. The revised Renewable Energies Act licences an operating lifespan of 25 years, so it will become increasingly important to maintain high uptime at already installed offshore wind farms in the North and Baltic seas. The offshore wind industry is now focusing to a great extent on service centres and service base ports near offshore wind farms to provide efficient services. “The key to cost reduction is experience and the optimisation of operations and service plans that come with that. Businesses that have been members of WAB from the outset will provide insight into optimised logistical solutions and innovative maintenance plans”, said Andreas Wellbrock, WAB’s managing director, talking about the topic to be covered in a theme session at the upcoming WINDFORCE event.

The costs of offshore wind power are to be reduced over 25 years of operation to achieve desired performance in electricity generation at sea. “The wind industry on land and at sea can make an ever larger contribution to power supply reliability in Germany and Europe, and it is ready to do so”, continued Andreas Wellbrock, speaking with confidence.

The thirteenth WINDFORCE conference, this year in Bremerhaven from 9 to 11 May, reflects the outcome of the successful development of Germany’s offshore wind energy industry. While the tenth WINDFORCE conference in 2014 focused on the construction of offshore wind turbines, their installation at sea, and the now outdated 2014 Renewable Energies Act as topics for discussion, this year’s conference is looking closely at the operational phase of offshore wind farms, now in full swing and clearly of major importance to the industry. The patron of the conference this year is Brigitte Zypries, Germany’s minister of economics.

As the leading business network for the wind industry in Germany’s northwest region and the nationwide contact partner, WAB is pressing for more rapid construction of transmission grids and storage options to accelerate the expansion of offshore wind, thereby contributing to climate goals. Two other theme sessions featuring expert presentations and valuable discussion time will cover grid and storage technology and the current tendering process. All twelve sessions at the event will deal with specific topics covered in presentations by experts and decision-makers in each field. The declared goal of the event is worldwide knowledge transfer, which the globally active sponsors of WINDFORCE 2017 are well familiar with. Sponsors include ELA Container Offshore GmbH, the turbine manufacturer Senvion SE, and the finance and insurance company Nordwest Assekuranzmakler.

Representatives from relevant industrial sectors will have the opportunity to make new contacts, join with other experts in discussing special areas of interest, and enjoy the Maritime Dinner – doing just what has allowed the industry to grow so fast: learning from each other!

“We are very excited that several major industry representatives and specialists will be adding their expertise to the conference. We look forward to welcoming many national and international guests to WINDFORCE 2017 in Bremerhaven on 9 May”, said Andreas Wellbrock.

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