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17th WINDFORCE Conference: From goals to implementation

Bremerhaven, 24 August 2021 – The 17th WINDFORCE Conference will take place on 5 and 6 October in Bremerhaven's Fishery Harbour. The motto of this year's conference is "Offshore Wind: Climate Protecting Value Creation". Scotland is the partner country for this year's conference. In a press briefing, WAB presented the preliminary programme of the conference together with its regional partners and from Scotland as well as representatives of the City of Bremerhaven and the State of Bremen.

"Networking with each other and learning from each other has always played an important role for WAB and in the development of offshore wind energy. The WINDFORCE Conference with its partner country Scotland and its expert presentations offers an ideal opportunity for this. We may not currently be leading the way in the development of offshore wind power, but we are still among the leaders in terms of our know-how and technologies. Numerous smaller and larger medium-sized companies are currently in the process of repositioning themselves in order to be able to grow further," says Jens Assheuer, WAB Chairman of the Board.

"For many of our member companies, internationalising their business is a good way of at least partially cushioning the very weak expansion in their domestic market until the end of 2024," says Heike Winkler, Managing Director of WAB e.V. "At the same time, it is becoming increasingly clear that the German government should also take action in the short term to expand offshore wind energy. The supply chain needs increased construction activity in the North and Baltic Seas more quickly in order to satisfy the increasing demand for electricity and sector coupling. It is becoming increasingly clear that the demand for 'green' hydrogen will be very high in the medium and long term, exceeding current projections. We are looking forward to another milestone in the very good cooperation with our partner cluster DeepWind at the 17th WINDFORCE," says Winkler.

"The dismantling and recycling of offshore wind turbines could offer a perspective for Bremerhaven. The companies need planning security so that the renewed investment and construction of the respective site is worthwhile. If the planned but legally controversial offshore terminal is not built in Bremerhaven, it should be examined whether other port areas located in Bremerhaven meet the logistical requirements of the industry," says Torsten von Haaren, head of the Bremerhaven city council.

"The expansion of wind power, especially offshore, is extremely important for the development and production of green hydrogen. Here we want to establish a cluster in Bremerhaven, which is of great importance for Bremerhaven in terms of climate and economic policy. At the same time, the development of green hydrogen is eminently important, especially for local public transport and freight transport, in order to move away from the combustion of fossil fuels," says Dr Maike Schaefer, Bremen's Senator for Climate Protection, Environment, Mobility, Urban Development and Housing.

"Demand from industry for climate-friendly electricity has increased significantly recently. This shows that a strong offshore wind expansion is no longer an option, but a must. After the politicians have recently adopted long-term targets for the expansion, they should now ensure appropriate framework conditions such as expansion volumes, current obstacles, grid connection and refinancing options to also ensure that the targets are achieved," says Christian Schnibbe, Head of Communications at Bremen-based wpd AG.

"The Scottish Government has set a target for Scotland to become a leading hydrogen nation and an international centre of excellence. Our Hydrogen Strategy says we should build at least 5GW of renewable low-carbon hydrogen generation capacity by 2030, and at least 25GW by 2045. And our Hydrogen Assessment Report sets out a scenario where Scotland could produce up to 126TWh of green hydrogen per year by 2045, of which up to 96TWh could be for export, with a total economic value of up to €29 billion. This could create up to 300,000 jobs," says Dr Alexandra Stein, Head of the Scottish Government Office in Berlin. "Our coming together at WINDFORCE is an ideal opportunity to work with WAB, Scottish Development International, DeepWind and a strong delegation of Scottish companies to strengthen existing relationships and deepen exchanges both at a strategic level and along our supply chains," she adds.

Link to the provisional programme of the conference.

Confirmed speakers:

Joanne Allday (Port of Cromarty Firth), Peter Barth (Amprion Offshore), Malcolm Bowie (SBT Energy), Dirk Briese (wind:research), Giles Dickson (WindEurope), Prof. Dr. Silke Eckardt (Hochschule Bremen), Kaveh Etemadi (Robur Wind), Heiko Felderhoff (Harren & Partner), Sebastian Föllner (AquaVentus), Martin Volker Gerhardt (Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy), Jan-Christoph Hinrichs (aerodyn engineering), Robert Hörmann (Aero Enterprise), Axel Juhnke (dasroteB),Patrick Junkers (Hytorc), Knut Kemlein-Schiller (Weidmüller), Hendrik Köhler (Amprion), Dr. Dennis Kruse (Deutsche Windguard), Jörg Kubitza (Ørsted), Frits Laugemann (RWE Renewables), Irina Lucke (Omexom Renewable Energies Offshore), Saul Matthews (Synaptec), Michael Munder-Oschimek (Off-Shore Wind Solutions), Dr. Andreas Momber (Muehlhan), Aurélie Nasse (Vestas), Paul O’Brien (DeepWind Offshore Wind Cluster), Dr. Frank Prenger (Grillo-Werke), Rune Reinertsen (Origo Solutions), Dr. Claudia Schilling (Bremer Senatorin für Wissenschaft und Häfen) Anette Schimmel (BIS Bremerhaven), Iain Sinclair (Global Energy Group), Didrik Svendsen (Sayfr), Iris Stempfle (Iberdrola Renovables Deutschland), Christoph Tewis (Tewis Projektmanagement und AquaVentus), Dr. Geert Tjarks (EWE), Kristina Vogt (Bremer Wirtschaftssenatorin), Heike Winkler (WAB e.V.), Deryth Wittek (DIT), Thomas Zapp (Greengate), Björn Zindler (Stiftung Offshore Windenergie).

Confirmed session chairs:

Dr. Bernd Horstmann (Ramboll), Marc Itgen (Wirtschaftsförderung Cuxhaven), Dr. Alexandra Stein (Scottish Government Innovation and Investment Hub in Germany), Randy Tinkerman (Wind Power Management), Annette Nüsslein (RDR Wind e.V.), Eize de Vries (Windpower Monthly), Stefan Thimm (BWO), Jens Assheuer (Assheuer Entwicklungsgesellschaft und WAB-Vorstand), Jean Huby (Ocean Breeze Energy und WAB-Vorstand), Heike Winkler und Hans-Dieter Sohn (WAB e.V.).

Conference sponsors:

  • Bremerhavener Gesellschaft für Investitionsförderung und Stadtentwicklung mbH
  • Dost Group
  • Helmut Müller GmbH
  • Hytorc Barbarino & Kilp GmbH
  • International Zinc Association
  • NW Assekuranz
  • Ørsted
  • PNE
  • RelyOn Nutec
  • Rupertus Strako GmbH
  • RWE
  • Scottish Development International
  • Steelwind
  • WindMW
  • wpd

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"With Rupertus Strako GmbH in Bremerhaven's fishing harbour, we have chosen a location for the 17th WINDFORCE where we can comply with all current distance regulations. We are working on a hygiene concept in coordination with the local authorities, which we will continuously supplement, refine and update over the next few weeks," says Heike Winkler.

About WAB e.V.:

Bremerhaven-based WAB is the nationwide contact partner for the offshore wind industry in Germany and the leading business network for onshore wind energy in the north-west region. The association fosters the production of "green" hydrogen from wind energy. It comprises some 250 smaller and larger businesses as well as institutes from all sectors of the wind industry, the maritime industry as well as research.


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