QPS and TrueOcean join forces to unlock more value from hydrographic data

Kiel, 17 April 2023. Maritime software solutions provider QPS and marine geo-information specialist TrueOcean have teamed up to develop digital workflows that can optimise the journey of hydrographic data from ping to cloud, by improving on traditional data sharing practices including the use of hard drives or standalone cloud services.


The partners are working together to take the next steps in digitizing the data value process in offshore projects. Their focus is on building seamless integration between industry leading QPS software solutions and the cutting-edge new TrueOcean Marine Data Platform (MDP), with the shared objective of eliminating friction and accelerating data exchange.

The goal is to get information to end users faster by making it possible to directly upload QPS proprietary data to the TrueOcean MDP without data conversion and including valuable meta data from the QPS format. Data can be viewed directly within the platform and extracted into other QPS products for additional analysis.

 The TrueOcean MDP gives QPS users an intelligent dataspace to store data centrally, securely, and at scale, with the added benefit that data has less chance of being lost or corrupted compared to using physical media for storage and sharing. The platform enables more effective collaboration between internal and external stakeholders while making it easier and faster to access data through unique capabilities such as geospatial searching using a map-based interface.

 As a result of the partnership, the QPS .qpd file format will be accessible directly on the MDP, increasing efficiency for users who can quickly get an overview of the content at the touch of a button. The scalability of the TrueOcean MDP along with faster processing are expected to unlock further efficiencies for hydrographic functions powered by QPS’ software solutions.“Our joint endeavours will provide solutions to streamline the ability to access value from QPS data by accelerating access and sharing among stakeholders,” said Frithjof Hennemann, CEO, TrueOcean.

 “With QPS as a domain partner we merge geo-information and hydrographic functionalities for enhanced data processing features. Verified information will become the key asset and our aim is to make it easily accessible for all project stakeholders without the necessity to be domain experts,” adds Hennemann.

 “The demand for offloading QPS proprietary data through a GIS system is growing. QPS sees the need for customers to provide data to their end customers through such platforms and we want to respond to this request from our customers. We want to make it as simple and efficient as possible and provide the best possible solutions to our customers,” concluded Almar Hollaar, Managing Director, QPS.


About QPS      

Quality Positioning Services BV (QPS), headquartered in Zeist, The Netherlands, is an independent software design company founded in 1986. QPS subsidiary offices are located in Canada, the USA and the UK.QPS are experts in maritime geomatics software and services. QPS solutions are used across a variety of industries, including hydrographic surveying, offshore construction, chart production, and piloting. Marine construction solutions are highly focused in oil and gas, offshore wind farms, and the dredging industry. Services include on-site and on-board training, setup, and support. With the highest capabilities and industry-renowned stability, QPS keeps even the most complex jobs running smoothly.


About TrueOcean 

TrueOcean is part of a group of software companies employing more than 70 people. Our common expertise is the development of solutions that unlock commercial and operational value from georeferenced data, and optimizing data management by providing access to information using digital maps. The first company in the group was founded more than ten years ago by Jann Wendt. TrueOcean focuses on the marine sector, specifically on diverse sensor data produced in subsea operations including marine survey and underwater inspection. The TrueOcean Marine Data Platform (MDP) transforms big data into useable information and is especially suited to enabling faster and better decision-making in offshore wind projects, where the acquisition, management and application of underwater data is essential at every stage of a wind farm’s lifecycle.

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