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Offshore Rotor Blade Service more efficient and cost-effective in the near future

WINDEA Offshore has developed a logistics concept together with its shareholders and its new partner WPSystems that makes the repair of rotor blades offshore safer, more efficient and cost-effective. WINDEA Offshore combines a flexible vessel logistics, a powerful working platform and specially trained teams to the new service concept: WINDEA BladeService.

For this purpose an exclusivity agreement was signed by all partners in order to coordinate and further develop the service modules in the best possible way.

Part of WINDEA BladeService are Bernhard Schulte Offshore (BSO), Buss Industrial Services (Buss) and WP Systems (WPS). Each partner is an expert in its field. Bernhard Schulte Offshore has been one of the pioneers in providing Service Operation Vessels (SOV) for the wind industry since 2015. An SOV accommodates maintenance personnel and serves as a floating storage in the wind farm. This eliminates travel times to daily work and allows more hours to be spent on the wind turbine. Buss has highly qualified personnel with many years of experience in blade repair and maintenance. WP Systems develops innovative system solutions and the platform technology SYSTEM aqua for the maintenance of rotor blades.

With its shareholders BSO and Buss as well as WPS as a third and new partner for WINDEA BladeService, the services of all three parties will be offered in combination in the future. The working platform SYSTEM aqua will be positioned with SOVs on the offshore turbine, where the repair of the rotor blades will be carried out by experienced service personnel.

The onshore working platform SYSTEM terra has already been tested by Buss and is continuously used. In a completely protected area it is possible to carry out repairs 360° around the blade. The employees are not only protected from wind, but also from rain. Work on the blade is carried out at wind speeds of up to 12.5 m/s and 24/7 in a temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled environment. The further development from SYSTEM terra to SYSTEM aqua will take place together, taking into account the conditions offshore, so that the service can probably operational in 2020.

WINDEA Offshore combines these three service modules into one product, so that the customer does not have to coordinate and coordinate any interfaces. The advantages of the new concept are obvious: SOV instead of expensive jack-up vessels, protected working platforms instead of weather-limited rope access work and optimally used personnel.


Info WINDEA Offshore

WINDEA Offshore GmbH & Co. KG is a joint venture founded in 2011 for the offshore wind sector, which is operated by the partners Bernhard Schulte Offshore GmbH, EMS Maritime Offshore GmbH and Buss Offshore Solutions GmbH & Co. KG. Based in Hamburg, WINDEA acts as a joint sales and synergy center for offshore wind projects and offers ship services with its own vessel fleet, maritime and nautical services, wind technology, port and logistics services, helicopter services and holistic medical care in offshore wind farms successfully on the market. By combining the different services of all shareholders and partners, WINDEA is able to provide holistic logistics and supply solutions in connection with the construction and operation of offshore wind farms.

Info Bernhard Schulte Offshore

Bernhard Schulte Offshore (BSO) is a member of the Schulte Group, a world-leading family-owned ship owner and ship manager with over 135 years of expertise in the maritime industry. Overall, the Schulte Group employs 18,000 seafarers and 1,800 people on shore, owns 90 vessels and manages over 600 vessels globally.

Info Buss

Buss is a leading service company, active in the onshore and offshore wind industry in Germany and Europe. With its companies, Buss is offering the installation and service of wind energy turbines and blades at land and at sea. In addition, the company is operating port facilities to offer a broad service of base port logistics to the industry. Finally, a team of internationally experienced project managers and QHSE experts (quality, health, safety, environment) ensure a comprehensive set of services.

The Buss group of companies has been established in 1920 and employs around 500 people.

Info WP Systems

WP Systems is a middle-sized mechanical engineering company based in Ruhland, about 30 minutes north of Dresden. The company develops innovative system solutions for the maintenance and dismantling of wind turbines.


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