New branding identity Deutsche Windtechnik: Relaunch at Husum Wind 2017

Husum, 11th September 2017 - In addition to its focus on increasing internationalisation, the leading independent service provider Deutsche Windtechnik will also be presenting its new brand identity at the trade fair Husum Wind 2017. The brand relaunch prominently features large-format photographs of Deutsche Windtechnik employees in their highly specialised working environments as well as the company's refreshed design, which includes a new trademark. The new brand identity is not associated with a strategic realignment of the company. Instead, it underlines the company's fundamental culture of renewal and makes it easier to recognise the brand in an international environment.

"Since its inception, Deutsche Windtechnik has experienced steady growth. We began in Germany, expanded later into other European countries, and in early 2018, our company will be entering the North American market. We have always remained faithful to our beginnings. Despite increasing internationalisation, for example, our company is still called Deutsche Windtechnik. Admittedly, in some countries this can be a language challenge, but at the same time it is also a unique selling point and recognition feature," board member Matthias Brandt said. "We wanted to further strengthen our brand with an even more distinctive brand identity, precisely because we are active internationally. A certain amount of change and consistent development is always part of healthy growth."

New distinctive trademark
In its image element, Deutsche Windtechnik's new trademark contains two symbols of power: the arrow and the cross. They allow a wide range of interpretations, including the gears of a gearbox, the interactive exchange between companies, customers and partners, and the arrow as a symbol of dynamic power and the cross as a symbol for the location of a wind turbine or for reliability. "Everyone is invited to give his or her imagination free reign," Matthias Brandt said.

Focus on employees and corporate values
The brand identity relaunch also includes new editions of the Service Book and Expert Appraiser Handbook, which contain a wealth of specialised information on maintenance topics and showcase the broad range of services offered by Deutsche Windtechnik onshore as well as offshore. Together with the new series of advertisements that was recently launched, the newly redesigned image brochure also uses unique photos of employees and selected text messages to convey the values that the company lives by in its working culture and daily life. These include, for example, respectful and reliable interaction with one another, competence, dedication and strength of action. But fascination and enthusiasm for wind technology also form the understanding that employees have of their roles, and these traits make a significant contribution to the success of the company.