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Innovative initiative for greenhouse gas reduction: Hub for carbon dioxide planned in Bremen

The company CO2 Management AS is planning to build a carbon dioxide transshipment hub in Bremen for subsequent usage or geological storage of the CO2. The project will enable hard-to-abate industries (cement, concrete, chemicals, steel and waste management) to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and thus contribute to achieving climate protection targets.

There is a scientific consensus that reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide to the
atmosphere is instrumental to achieve the climate targets agreed in Paris in 2015. In
addition to the urgent need to rapidly upscale renewable energy production, CCUS
(Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage) is an innovative solution that is currently
being researched and developed in a large number of projects. The aim is to capture
CO2 before it is released into the atmosphere and then reuse it for industrial purposes
or to safely store it underground so that it is not harmful to our climate. This approach
is especially important for sectors of the German economy that are difficult to

As a next step for a large-scale implementation of this technology, the company CO2
Management AS is planning to establish a carbon dioxide handling facility in Bremen
and has signed a letter of intent with bremenports GmbH & Co. KG. This would be the
first facility of its kind in Germany. The gas would be collected in liquefied form from
various industrial sites for further usage or loaded onto ships and subsequent exported
to permanent storage facilities.

Currently, feasible sites are being evaluated for their suitability with the port
management company. Connection to the highway, the waterway network and tracks
for train transport, makes the infrastructure well suited for the project. The location in
Bremen provides the planned hub with excellent links to German industrial operations,
as well as to the various offshore CO2 storage facilities planned in Europe. For German
industry, as the largest CO2 emitter in Europe, this offer provides a good opportunity
to reduce emissions. "This offer is unrivaled, as there are no CO2 storage facilities in
Germany," said Dr. Torsten Porwol, managing director of CO2 Management AS.

Several years are still to be expected for planning, approval and construction of the
necessary infrastructure before the terminal can be put into operation.

The company is open to cooperation and is looking for interested industrial companies.
This does not only apply to large companies with high CO2 emissions; solutions are
also offered for smaller emitters. The CO2 should ideally come from the energyintensive
basic materials industry, where CO2 is unavoidably produced as a result of
the process. CCUS should be seen as a complement to, not a replacement for,

The role of bremenports will be to examine Bremen's ports for suitable land potential
and to provide positive support for the necessary planning and coordination
processes. "The transshipment hub offers great growth potential both for Bremen as
a location and for Germany as a whole," said Porwol. "It creates a high availability of
pure industrial CO2." This can be used, for example, to produce synthetic fuels in the
chemical industry. "The project has the potential for a new and versatile industry
around CO2, which can bring interesting economic perspectives for the region."

bremenports Managing Director Robert Howe is looking forward to work with the
Norwegian company, pointing out that ports will have an important role to play in
combating climate change. "Both in the import of regeneratively produced hydrogen,
in the accelerated development of the offshore wind industry and in the urgent
decarbonization of particularly pollutant-intensive industries, ports are indispensable
building blocks of the necessary infrastructure. Bremen's ports are preparing in a
variety of ways to fill this role competently and in a timely manner. The agreement with
CO2 Management has the potential to make an important contribution to climate
protection and positive port development after further concretization and appropriate
political support."

Contact for inquiries:
Dr. Torsten Porwol
Managing Director
+47 99 523 140

CO2 Management - The Company
CO2 Management AS was established in 2019 as a subsidiary of Petrolia SE in Bergen,
Norway. The company provides sustainable and turnkey solutions for carbon dioxide reduction
in the industry. As an independent supplier, the company can always implement latest
available technologies. The range of services includes the capture of the climate gas in the
industrial process and all further steps necessary for safe and permanent geological storage.
The company invests in future-oriented technologies that sustainably reduce the CO2 footprint
of its customers.

bremenports - The Company
Since the founding of bremenports GmbH & Co. KG in 2002, the company has set a milestone
in German port management. On behalf of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen we manage the
infrastructure of the port group Bremen / Bremerhaven. We are therefore a consultancy and
engineering company with its own port, and is responsible for port development, port planning,
port construction and port maintenance. In addition, we are increasingly marketing our knowhow
at home and abroad, making us an interesting partner for projects all over the world.