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Ems Maritime Offshore commissioned with construction site coordination for RWE’s Kaskasi Offshore Wind Farm located off Helgoland

RWE Renewables has commissioned the offshore service provider Ems Maritime Offshore GmbH (EMO), based in Emden, with the coordination of the Kaskasi Offshore Wind Farm construction site. An EMO team comprising up to six navigators has been deployed to RWE’s own control centre on Helgoland.

Whilst the offshore construction site is being set up and during the entire construction phase at sea, these nautical experts from EMO are working together with the RWE Team to guarantee smooth and safe construction progress.

Frits Laugeman, Kaskasi Project Director at RWE Renewables: “The construction of our Kaskasi Offshore Wind Farm is well underway. Multiple ships are currently installing a total of 38 foundations for the wind turbines. However, this major site at sea has to run smoothly, and above all safely, around the clock. That’s why we are delighted to reinforce our own team in the Helgoland-based control room with experienced, nautical personnel from EMO.

This commission is the next phase in a long-standing history of collaboration between RWE and EMO in the offshore wind sector. Since 2013, EMO has been supporting offshore projects in which RWE is involved with a diverse range of maritime services.

“The safety of all participating units at sea is our highest priority. Our nautical specialists are superbly trained in maritime coordination, and support the project around the clock”, explains Jan Heyenga, authorised signatory and Head of the Maritime Services department at EMO. “We are more than happy to continue our long-standing collaboration with the RWE team and to play our part in this innovative and sustainable Kaskasi project”.

The offshore wind farm is being developed 35 kilometres north of Helgoland island. Following initial commissioning of the 38 wind turbines, Kaskasi is calculated to be able to supply approximately 400,000 households per year with green energy. For the Kaskasi project, EMO is sourcing from its experienced nautical personnel who have been successfully deployed for years in the field of maritime coordination and sea surveillance for offshore wind farms as well as in the company’s own VENTUSmarine control centre.

About Ems Maritime Offshore GmbH:

Ems Maritime Offshore GmbH (EMO) is a fully-owned subsidiary of Aktien-Gesellschaft "EMS", and was established in 2010 to expand the offshore activities of the AG "EMS" Group.
The energy of the future will to a large extent be generated at sea. As pioneers providing services for this future-oriented sector, EMO has recognised the signs of the energy turnaround at an early stage and taken advantage of them. Its declared long-term objective is to offer and establish customer-tailored service solutions sustainably.
EMO operates its own fleet of modern service vessels under the German flag, which are adapted for use in the offshore wind farms of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. In addition to the standard activities of a certified shipping company, specialising in the particular requirements of offshore wind farms, EMO provides the comprehensive services required in various service ports close to the wind farm cluster. This includes the provision of office, storage and field warehouse capacities as well as parking spaces and berths for service ships. In the Netherlands, EMO operates the new Heliport and Droneport Eemshaven.
The comprehensive EMO service portfolio is rounded off by marine coordination, which includes the control of all logistical processes and maritime sea surveillance by the in-house control centre VENTUSmarine.

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