Deutsche Windtechnik wins a major new contract in Great Britain

Deutsche Windtechnik wins a major new contract in Great Britain - maintenance of 61 Siemens SWT 2.3 wind turbines

Edingurgh/Bremen, 5th. May 2017 - The UK unit of the independent service provider Deutsche Windtechnik, which is active throughout Europe, has just announced a major success. The investment group Zephyr and Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd. have just concluded an agreement covering the maintenance of 61 Siemens type SWT 2.3 wind turbines. The agreement covers full maintenance, including selected large components, for a period of five years commencing in June this year.

The 61 turbines are located at the Causeymire and Farr wind farms in the north of Scotland. Both wind farms will be serviced from stations located nearby. In total, that means that Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd. is now responsible for looking after 168 wind turbines distributed over six wind farms, principally in the north of the country. Throughout Europe, Deutsche Windtechnik now maintains over 2,900 wind turbines.

The UK service market is changing

“Farr and Causeymire are important assets in the Zephyr portfolio. During our discussions with Deutsche Windtechnik, we have been impressed with the capabilities they have developed in the UK and a willingness to work with their customers to help drive the operational performance of the wind farms,” said Huw Griffiths, Managing Director Zephyr Investments Ltd. “We are looking forward to working with Deutsche Windtechnik at Farr and Causeymire, and working with them to deliver greater value to Zephyr.”

Billy Stevenson, Managing Director of Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd. added: "The new agreement is not only a further important step for our sustainable growth in the UK. It also gives a signal to the UK wind energy market that there is a real alternative to service offered by the manufacturer. The service market is changing and becoming more open, and this will benefit all players in the market.”

Individual further development of country-specific QHSE standards

"In the past two years since the UK company was established, we have internalised the strict country-specific QHSE and reporting requirements. Where our engineers see further potential, we develop working instructions specific to the installation to be able to take action even more efficiently. Having this strong technical expertise and know-how and using it, is a great advantage for us," Billy Stevenson added.

Independent service in demand throughout Europe

The UK is not the only country where Deutsche Windtechnik has been successful in securing contracts. In recent weeks, operators or investors in France, Spain and Scandinavia have also opted for the maintenance concept put forward by Deutsche Windtechnik. “We continue to see significant demand for service alternatives other than from manufacturers. It is our aim in fair competition to achieve close cooperation with our customers, which brings benefits to all parties," said Matthias Brandt, Board Director at Deutsche Windtechnik AG.