Deutsche Windtechnik achieves a new milestone

Deutsche Windtechnik achieves a new Milestone:

Wind turbines with a rated power of more than 10 GW under
maintenance, making it the largest ISP in Europe and possibly worldwide
The international service provider for wind turbines Deutsche Windtechnik has achieved a new
milestone in its 13-year company history. At the end of November 2020, the company is providing
maintenance for wind turbines with a rated power of more than 10 GW. Of these, 66 percent receive
long-term full service and 34 percent receive basic maintenance. This makes Deutsche Windtechnik the
largest independent service provider (ISP) for wind turbines in Europe and possibly worldwide.

More than half of the wind turbines serviced by Deutsche Windtechnik are installed in Germany, which is
exactly 65 percent of the 10 GW. "This means we provide service for exactly ten percent of the total rated
output of wind turbines currently installed in Germany. Ten years ago, it would have been a bold claim to
say that an independent provider would one day provide service for systems on this scale. The service
market has changed permanently in Germany, and we are also increasingly setting trends at the
international level and have become a fixture for operators with a wide variety of requirements," said
Director Matthias Brandt. The proportion of international service contracts has increased significantly
across Europe and recently also in the US. "We owe this growth primarily to our employees, our
performance and the good cooperation with customers and partners. I can only emphasise once again
that our customers truly appreciate the fact that there is an alternative to OEM service and that
competition has kicked off at all," Matthias Brandt continued.

Also very well-positioned for the future

Parallel to the ongoing internationalisation of the company, Deutsche Windtechnik also continues to
increase its staff, develop its technology further and promote innovations. In addition to strong internal
growth, the company's development this year also included mergers with other successful independent
service providers, such as Windstrom Service, seebaWIND Service, GFW and psm Windservice. Deutsche
Windtechnik's multi-brand competencies are also reflected in the 10 GW system portfolio: Vestas / NEG
Micon, Senvion and Siemens / AN Bonus turbines are most frequently serviced, followed by Nordex,
Enercon, Fuhrländer and Gamesa. Less common technologies are also included, such as the Mitsubishi
turbines for which service contracts were recently signed in the US. "Thanks to our mix of different
technologies and our various markets, we are well-positioned for future growth onshore and offshore.
The demand is there," Matthias Brandt added.

About Deutsche Windtechnik AG

Bremen-based Deutsche Windtechnik AG offers a single-source full technical maintenance package for
wind turbines in Europe, the US and Taiwan. The company operates both onshore and offshore. More
than 5,800 wind turbines are serviced worldwide, by over 1,800 employees, under permanent
maintenance contracts (basic and full maintenance). Its system engineering focuses on Vestas/NEG Micon,
Siemens/AN Bonus, Nordex, Senvion, Fuhrländer, Gamesa and Enercon turbines.