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Since 1998, wpd windmanager offers all services which are required for an efficient management of the technical and commercial operation of wind parks, solar parks and biogas plants. These tasks are handled by more than 280 highly qualified employees domestic and abroad. They take care of around 278 wind parks with 1.700 turbines with a total capacity of 3.000 megawatt. A relatively new and special responsibility is the management of offshore wind parks –our offshore team is already on site for the realization of this giant project – commissioning of the first turbines has been successful. In autumn 2015, the first offshore wind park will be fully connected to the grid.


The most important work of the windmanager is to create a comprehensive and perfect service from the many individual services for the operators of wind parks. The basis for this is the implementation of effective structures. We offer a complete technical support including a round-the-clock monitoring, which is ensured by our 24/7 control room, because: fast response times minimize yield losses. For special technical requirements specialists are on duty, who care for example, only about issues related to rotor blades, foundations, special measurement techniques or billing methods. To ensure the maintenance or improvement of the optimal system condition, several teams of wind manager are on site. They check a the wind turbines at least twice a year, accompany appraiser or control maintenance and repair work.

wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG

wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG
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