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Jörss - Blunck - Ordemann GmbH has been a planning and engineering office in the construction industry since 1963. It is active in the preparation and examination of structural planning for building construction, civil engineering, and offshore structures as well as in property planning and structural supervision. While the departments of building construction and civil engineering have been represented since the beginning, the activities in offshore engineering for renewable energies are expanding with the entry of Dr. Lüddecke in 2014. With about 60 engineers and other employees, the engineering office is well positioned for the various tasks from pre-design to detailed design as well as inspection and construction supervision.


Engineering of offshore substructures and foundations:

Design for approval, design basis, structural and geotechnical assessments from conceptual to detailed design, assessment of grouted connections, fatigue design.

Load calculation and dynamic design:

Integrated load calculation for on and offshore wind turbines, hydrodynamic and seismic investigations.

Holistic structural design in-house: A multi-disciplinary team provides optimized structures with respect to structural and project specific requirements like e.g., loads and geotechnical conditions.

Certification offshore:

JBO is listed as an expert for periodic inspections of substructure and appointed inspector of the entire wind farms according to BSH regulations, certification of maintenance and repair and modifications in operation phase.

Research and Development:

Participation in R&D-projects mostly related to offshore support structures, participation in working councils for norms and standards.

Jörss - Blunck - Ordemann GmbH

Jörss - Blunck - Ordemann GmbH
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