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GreenGate AG, headquartered in Windeck/Sieg, Germany, develops highly adaptable and innovative software solutions for the strategic maintenance of facilities and infrastructures.

Manufacturing industries (e.g. automotive, food) and companies from the energy and water management sector (e.g. suppliers, disposers, wind energy) are drawing on the modular solution portfolio of GreenGate since 2000.

Interdisciplinary teams of project managers, software developers and support experts are in constant dialogue to map complex maintenance processes individually and in a structured manner in order to make them transparent and controllable.


More than 300 customers with a sum total of over 4,500 employees already trust solutions by GreenGate AG. The regular exchange of information with users and partners ensures that GreenGate software solutions are always up to date.


Measures Management Software for Wind Energy

Maintaining spatially dispersed wind power stations, ensuring interference free operations and organizing maintenance cost-efficiently: the Workforce Management software GS-Service supports wind energy facility operators in resource planning and task processing by technicians, in warehouse management and dispatch of transportation, among other things.

GS-Service provides all relevant data for operations for processing and analysis: inventory information, conditions for maintenance appointments and intervals, documentation of maintenance actions and data about costs of incidents and upkeep.


GreenGate Workforce Management Software – Your Benefits

• Comprehensive, time-saving and user-friendly work planning

• Reliable analysis of safety requirements (HSE)

• Certificate examination of employees

• PPE - Personal protective equipment

• RDS-PP Structure Library

• Electrical testing of portable devices according to DGUV

• Capacity calculation for planned operations

• Shift planning as daily or weekly planning

• Route optimization for resource planning

• Creation of customs lists and operational documents

• Work preparation and warehouse management

• Control of external service providers

• Troubleshooting through messages from SCADA

• people tracking

GreenGate AG

GreenGate AG
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