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The Fraunhofer IFAM is one of the most important research institutions in Europe for adhesive bonding technology, surfaces, shaping and functional materials. At our institute’s five locations – Bremen, Dresden, Oldenburg, Stade and Wolfsburg – we put our central principles into practice: scientific excellence, a focus on the application of technology, measurable utility for customers and ensuring the highest quality.

Our 580 employees, working in 24 departments, combine their broad technological and scientific knowledge and expertise into seven core competencies: Powder Technology; Metallic Sintering, Composite and Cellular Materials; Adhesive Technology; Surface Technology; Foundry Technology; Electrical Components and Systems; and Fiber-Composite Materials. These core competencies - both individually and in combination with each other – are not only the basis of our strong position in the research market but also of future-forward developments that will be useful for society.

Most of the products, processes, and technologies we develop are for sectors where sustainability is particularly important, namely for the aviation industry, automotive sector, energy and environment, medical technology and life sciences. The solutions developed at Fraunhofer IFAM are, however, also used in various other branches of industry including machinery and plant construction, electronics and electrical engineering, shipbuilding, rail vehicle manufacture, the packaging industry, and the construction sector.


• automation of processes and process chains in the processing of large components, e.g. in the case of adhesive, shim or sealing processes as well as in surface cleaning, surface activation, gap-adjusted application of adhesives, aerodynamically aligned joint sealing or edge sealing without masking, joining also under high contact pressure, fixing, accelerated setting or curing.

• Assessment and development of corrosion protection concepts

• Destruction-free material tests

• Development of inspection procedures for quality assurance (with regard to surface

• treatment, gluing, painting)

• Damage analyzes

• Tests for the assessment of aging processes

• Evaluation of erosion damage on blade/wing front edges

• Consultancy regarding adhesive bonding processes acc. DIN 2304

• Development and adaptation of separating and demolding films (Flex-Plas separation film)

Fraunhofer- IFAM

Fraunhofer- IFAM
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