DSD Offshore Construction GmbH


The DSD Offshore Construction GmbH is a young company in the strong unit with the DSD Steel Group. The DSD Offshore Construction GmbH is active in the field of offshore services. The field of activity extends to the offshore wind industry as well as the offshore industry for oil and gas. With our young, motivated and well trained team, we are in the position to manage all daily challenges of the offshore business in a professional manner. Here, the safety, quality and efficiency in all activities have the highest priority. The headquarters of DSD Offshore Construction GmbH is in the DSD headquarter in Saarlouis the operational business is organized by our Offshore Coordination Center in Emden on the German North Sea coast. This ensures a flexible and quick access to the offshore sites via the harbor of Emden or airfield of Emden by helicopter.


The business field of DSD Offshore Construction GmbH includes the following activities in the offshore area:

• Assembly and disassembly of steel components

• Preventive maintenance

• Maintenance Planning

• Mechanical prospective maintenance of existing installations

• Inspection and reconstruction of steel components

• Inspection incl. non-destructive testing of welds

• Inspection of screw connections

• pipefitters works

• Repair welds

• Quality Management

• Working with industrial climbers

• Offshore crane activities

• Industrial cleaning

DSD Offshore Construction GmbH

DSD Offshore Construction GmbH
Henry-Ford-Str. 110, 66740 Saarlouis

E-Mail: info@dsd-offshore.com
Web: www.dsd-offshore.com