WABinar AK Windkraft-Wasserstoff

“Next steps in green hydrogen development - production, storage and transport solutions”


The success of hydrogen economy is related to the whole ecosystem of energy, which means that it is indispensable to consider the complete value chain of energy. We will discuss some interesting aspects and scale-up effects within the green hydrogen value chain; about challenges and realization from current green hydrogen projects and new developments for the hydrogen storage and logistics. By removing reliance on transmission infrastructure (in the case of electricity), pipelines (in the case of H2 gas) or a network of specialized global infrastructure (in the case of Ammonia or Liquid H2), adopting ‘Solid Hydrogen Logistics’ might bring additional strategic benefits.



1. „Green Hydrogen Thinking in value chains“; Dr. Markus Forstmeier, InnoEnergy GmbH, Germany

2. “Value creation in the Hydrogen and Offshore Wind Energy industry in (Northern) Germany”; Dirk Briese, Wind:Research

3. “Accelerating the Solid Hydrogen Logistic Ecosystem”; James Khong, COO Galaxy FCT SDN, Malaysia

4. “Sector coupling with green hydrogen - the future is now!”; Dr. Mischa Paterna, APEX-Energy, Germany


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