Wölfel Wind Systems launches SHM.Tower®

Wölfel Wind Systems launches SHM.Tower® - Offshore Wind 2017 in London

  • Do you want to know what loads your wind turbine (WT) is exposed to and how this affects the turbine’s service life?
  • Do you need reliable data as a basis for the assessment regarding further operation of the WT?

Tubular steel towers can be exposed to strong vibrations which significantly affect the lifetime of a wind turbine. Since monitoring systems are missing, high fatigue loads are not detected - in particular if there is no power supply due to power failure.

Our product SHM.Tower® detects the tower vibrations with sensors and documents extreme loads and fatigue loads as well as the lifetime consumption, for up to two months even without power supply.

SHM.Tower® is easy to retrofit, so that a lifetime assessment is also possible at the end of the operating period of the WT. This means that essential information is available for a lifetime extension.

The Solution of Wölfel: SHM.Tower®

  • Analysis of vibration velocities and accelerations according to ISO 10816‑21/VDI 3834 for the assessment of tower and nacelle vibrations
  • Determination of average / maximum vibration velocities, vibration accelerations and deformations; classification according to operating conditions; frequency of events when thresholds are exceeded according to ISO 10816‑21
  • Overviews of occurring vibration levels and the related lifetime consumption (annual / monthly / daily curves)
  • Lifetime calculation by means of fatigue limit
  • Classification of loads according to operating conditions (configurable)
  • Individual lifetime assessment for each tower segment and for flanges
  • Connection to the Wölfel monitoring portal MIC.Wind for the presentation of results