Bremen Senator for Economics Kristina Vogt visited HUSUM Wind

Senator for Economics, Labour and Europe visited Bremen companies at trade fair in Husum

The situation of the onshore and offshore wind industry is not easy at the moment, not at least because of the legal framework set by the federal government. "Despite major challenges, Bremen remains a wind energy location, both for Bremerhaven as an offshore location and for the onshore sector in Bremen and the whole region," says Kristina Vogt, Bremen's Senator for Economics, Labour and Europe. "It is therefore also important for Bremen companies to present their expertise at the trade fair for the wind industry, which is important for the sector.

The WAB as an industry network for onshore and offshore wind energy and with 260 company members, including more than 50 in Bremen and around 30 in Bremerhaven, is therefore strongly committed to raising the expansion targets for onshore and offshore wind energy immediately and on a long-term basis. If the wind summit would lead to more wind energy on land and at sea, the energy policy goals can also be achieved by 2030 and beyond.

Taking into account the development of new storage technologies (P2X) and the needs of the sector coupling sector, the WAB calls for an expansion path of 35 gigawatts in the field of offshore wind power by 2035. The number of employees could thus be increased to 35,000. In view of the expected decline in jobs in fossil industries, new jobs in the wind industry are becoming increasingly important. "The wind industry offers great potential for local value creation and thus for the creation and safeguarding of local jobs," says Heike Winkler, WAB Interim Managing Director.

In addition to the major players in the industry, such as WPD AG and Deutsche Windtechnik, Senator Vogt also visited service providers such as RTS Wind AG, REETEC AG and companies that deal with the safety of people and plants, such as MEB Safety Services, Lanthan GmbH & Co KG and RelyOn Nutec.

Gerd Möller, Managing Director of Lanthan: "Despite the difficult situation in the industry, there is a strong demand for our products for night-time marking. We have recently hired several new employees and are still on the lookout".

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