SeaTerra and Trident set for offshore partnership

Leading unexploded ordnance (UXO) specialists SeaTerra and archaeology experts Trident Archäologie have joined forces to streamline their services for offshore developments in Germany.

The partnership aims to connect the two specialisms and enable developers to combine the assessment, planning, and execution of their UXO and archaeological risk management, as required by law within the offshore consenting process. 

Offshore developers will be able to access services including archaeological assessments, geophysical surveys and data interpretation, ROV and diving operations, as well as excavation and salvage procedures. The joint approach will help both minimize risks from ordnance and identify and manage archaeological sites both underwater and in the nearshore environments from an early stage.

Dieter Guldin, COO of SeaTerra, explains: "Since all developers in the North Sea and Baltic Sea are legally obliged to ensure the clearance of explosive ordnances of the construction area and equally to protect the cultural heritage underwater, the cooperation between SeaTerra and TRIDENT offers an exceptional added value for customers: They only need one contact for both issues and the planning processes are simplified."

Ralph Behr, General Manager of Trident Archäologie, says: "This new partnership brings together two specialists who have been working to support challenging projects in offshore wind energy, submarine cable and pipeline installation and fairway dredging over the past 20 years. Our cooperation allows for a comprehensive risk management that our customers can rely on. It additionally enables us to provide maximized planning reliability and cost efficiency for each project - all from a single source."

About Trident Archäologie:

Trident Archäologie is a leading provider of marine archaeological services to developers working in the Baltic and North Seas, and the Rostock-based European branch of the global leader in the provision of heritage services, Wessex Archaeology.

Drawing on a global, multi-disciplinary team with over 15 years of market-leading experience, Trident Archäologie provides expert archaeological and heritage advice for all types of offshore developments – including renewables, cables, pipelines, dredging, port and harbours, wreck investigations – to manage requirements set by State Archaeologists.

About SeaTerra GmbH:

SeaTerra GmbH has more than 20 years of international experience in the field of explosive ordnance detection, clearance and demolition at sea and on land. SeaTerra uses highly precise and sensitive sensor technology in combination with modern positioning systems that are unique worldwide. SeaTerra has survey and clearance vessels and underwater robotics (ROV), as well as its own development department, which facilitates new methods and technologies to reach the targets efficiently, cost-effectively and within the scope of customer Projects.

Seaterra GmbH is headquartered in Wandlitz, Germany, while the offshore projects in the North Sea and Baltic Sea are managed from SeaTerra's location in Seevetal near Hamburg.

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