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On-demand night-time marking regulation: numerous turbines already refurbished by REETEC

The General Administrative Regulation (German: AVV) for on-demand night-time marking (German: BNK) was approved by Federal Council resolution. This gives operators of wind turbines planning security for the necessary conversion. More than 40 corresponding BNK-retrofits by REETEC have already been put into operation.

As part of its comprehensive aviation aid portfolio, REETEC offers customised solutions for retrofitting wind turbines both for on-demand night-time marking as well as the newly added requirement for equipping them with infrared light on top. The following detection systems for air vehicles are supported:

  • Active radar systems
  • Passive radar systems
  • Transponder systems

Since the law affects new and existing plants equally, REETEC's offer includes both retrofit solutions and complete replacement systems. All RE-LED2 aviation aid systems are already prepared for BNK-retrofitting, but older REETEC systems also become BNK-compatible via easy-to-install upgrades. The same applies to the REETEC infrared lamp – due to its compact design it can be retrofitted with little effort even to older REETEC aviation aid systems. In addition, REETEC offers turn-key solutions for systems that cannot be refurbished.

"With the passing of the AVV, operators of wind energy plants – we are talking about approximately 17,500 here – finally have the necessary planning security. REETEC has already delivered and commissioned BNK-retrofit kits for more than 40 installed turbines in five wind farms. The flexible concept we developed in foresight has now also proven itself in the field: it meets all requirements of the new AVV and we can start immediately so operators meet the deadline of June 30, 2021," says Claus Sejersen, Director Sales and Marketing at REETEC.