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Joint press briefing: Opportunities and Challenges for the Offshore Wind and Green Hydrogen Supply Chain

The expansion targets for offshore wind and green hydrogen have recently been significantly accelerated and increased in numerous markets in Europe as well as the United States. At the same time, companies in the supply chain are already feeling a shortage of skilled workers. Further supply chain bottlenecks urgently need to be identified and solutions need to be implemented to meet these targets. Cooperation is necessary for climate protection with offshore wind energy and innovative industrial growth.

In this press briefing, the following supply chain experts will participate:

  • Heike Winkler, Managing Director, WAB e.V. (Opportunities, challenges, and exchange of experience for offshore wind power and the growing green hydrogen supply chain in Germany and Europe)
  • Rebecca Verhaeghe, Project Manager Blue Energy, POM West-Vlaanderen (How the Inn2POWER Interreg project supports the expansion of offshore wind and green hydrogen expansion in Europe)
  • Liz Burdock, President, Business Network for Offshore Wind BNOW (Opportunities and challenges for the supply chain in the U.S.)
  • Karl John, Specialist Renewable Energy, Department for International Trade DIT (Opportunities and challenges for the supply chain in the UK)
  • Paul O'Brien, Senior Development Manager, Highlands and Islands Enterprise (Opportunities and challenges for the supply chain in Scotland)
  • Dirk Jan Hummel, Project Director, Offshore Wind Innovation Centre OWIC in Eemshaven, and Founder, Northern Netherlands Offshore Wind Cluster NNOW (Opportunities and challenges for the supply chain in the Netherlands) 
  • Jon Dugstad, Director Wind, Norwegian Energy Partners (Opportunities and challenges for the supply chain in Norway)
  • Jakub Budzynski, Vice President of the Management Board, Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society PTMEW (Opportunities and challenges for the supply chain in Poland)

The briefing will include a Q&A session.

Date: 28 September, 10:15 – 11:15

Place: WindEnergy Hamburg, Room Copenhagen 4

Limited seats available.

Please contact Hans Sohn to register for the event.