Deutsche Windtechnik to provide maintenance for eight Siemens SWT 2,3 DD turbines in Sweden

The independent maintenance provider Deutsche Windtechnik is further expanding its service portfolio and has signed a contract to provide full maintenance for eight Siemens SWT 2,3 DD wind turbines at the Gunnarby wind farm in Sweden. The contract comes into effect in February 2021 and has a term of ten years. The turbine operator is the real estate company Wallenstam, which specialises in sustainable development and focuses on the new construction and management of residential and commercial properties, mainly in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

At the beginning of 2013, Wallenstam was the first real estate company in Sweden to become selfsufficient using renewable energies, in particular from wind power. Kaj Lamton, Operations Manager Wind Power at Wallenstam, said: “Responsiveness, commitment and technical competence together with the right price were decisive factors for us in the choice of service provider for our wind farm in Gunnarby. We want a partner who treats our turbines as if they were their own, provides ongoing service and proactive work and can easily ensure both good maintenance and clean and tidy sites. We hope that our collaboration with Deutsche Windtechnik will be characterised by respect, commitment and development, which are central in everything we do. The key success factors for this agreement are clear communication and quick responses.”

Service seven days a week with short response time
With this new service contract, Deutsche Windtechnik now provides maintenance for a total of 184 wind
turbines in Sweden, including systems from Vestas, Siemens, Nordex, Gamesa and Enercon. Linus
Sturesson, CEO of Deutsche Windtechnik AB, said: “We are excited to begin this customised ten year
contract for eight Siemens SWT 2,3 DD turbines. Both parties have cooperated closely with the goal of
finding the best strategic service concept for this wind farm. We discussed different risk scenarios related
to different contract types, and the best fit for Wallenstam was a full service contract without MC and
Rotor. As a real estate company, they can handle the risk for repair and replacement of major
components themselves.” Deutsche Windtechnik already has a service location established near this wind
farm due to contracts with a neighbouring wind farm, including service teams working seven days a week
with short response time. “Wallenstam and Deutsche Windtechnik have been in contact for a couple of
years. Our Siemens technology expertise is a perfect match for the Gunnarby wind farm,” said Linus
Sturesson. “Open, transparent communication coupled with our shared values of sustainability will be key
for our future cooperation, making it possible for Wallenstam to continue their journey as a role model in
how they work with renewable energies.”

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Gunnarby wind farm in Sweden:
Deutsche Windtechnik provides
maintenance for eight Siemens
SWT 2,3 DD turbines.
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