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Deutsche Windtechnik is further expanding its Gamesa service portfolio – first ever maintenance contract for Gamesa G114 turbines has been signed

For the first time in its history, Deutsche Windtechnik has signed a contract to provide full maintenance for ten Gamesa G114 wind turbines. This makes the company the only independent service provider to support this type of turbine in Europe. The turbines, which are located in Galicia, Spain, were handed over to Deutsche Windtechnik in March 2022 after the warranty had expired at the end of the second year of operation. The term of the agreement is four years.

Diego Botero García, Managing Director of Deutsche Windtechnik S.L.U., said: "Building upon our many years of experience in providing maintenance for Gamesa G42 to G97 turbines, we are now in a position to extend our expertise to G114 systems. This is a groundbreaking step for us because there is a great need for maintenance for Gamesa systems worldwide. Over the past two years, we have begun to make the comprehensive technological expertise we have in Spain available to Deutsche Windtechnik's other European locations, for example in France, Sweden and UK. In the medium term, we will also be able to contribute our expertise to North America.”

Specialist department for Gamesa technology is expanding further
Currently, more than 50 percent of the wind turbines that Deutsche Windtechnik provides service for in Spain as well as from Spain are made by Gamesa. That amounts to approximately 1 GW of installed capacity. To meet the growing demand for Gamesa service, Deutsche Windtechnik has set up a specialist department for a specific system technology outside of Germany for the first time: Five engineers and two technical writers provide technical support from Spain for the independent maintenance of Gamesa systems worldwide. The core tasks of the Gamesa competence team include troubleshooting, the creation of technical documentation, spare parts management, the qualification of service technicians and much more.

Fig. 1 Deutsche Windtechnik has signed a contract to provide full maintenance for Gamesa G114 wind turbines for the first time.
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