Sensorise GmbH


Sensorise is a start-up from Bremen and has dedicated its activities to the digitization of machine elements. In the interaction of mechanical engineering, sensor technology and data science, the operational reliability of machines and systems is increased, maintenance costs are reduced and service life is extended.

Business-critical applications in the energy sector, the automotive field as well as in civil engineering are in the focus of the applications. Sensorise develops concepts and solutions for continuoues condition monitoring based on its exclusive technology.


The Sensorise SmartScrew System is a complete solution for the continuous monitoring of screws and bolts. The system is based on Sensorise’s patented SmartScrew technology. SmartScrews are mounted like regular screws and exhibit the specified mechanical properties of normed screws – making retrofitting effortless. Static(e.g. preload) as well as dynamic load is measured directly. Depending on the application, the data transmission can be wired or wireless, as well as digital or analog. The sampling rate is adapted to each application to guarantee a stable data rate and to avoid digital waste. The Sensorise team specializes in analyzing time series data, extracting meaningful information from raw sensor data, and building application-specific solutions. We cover a wide range of industrial applications: from energy generation to civil engineering to space travel – the possibilities are infinite. Solutions are deployable on-site or in the cloud. The Sensorise SmartScrew System supports manufacturers and operators of wind turbines from the design phase as well as during construction and operation, generating valuable information for mechanical engineering as well as operations and maintenance crews.

Sensorise GmbH

Sensorise GmbH
Fahrenheitstr. 1, 28359 Bremen