Green Wind Offshore GmbH


Green Wind Offshore GmbH is a German company and part of the Green Wind Group with our headquarters in central Berlin. As a specialist in maintenance management and the monitoring of technical installations for power generation offshore, we operate autonomously and independently, in Germany and internationally. We provide full technical and commercial support for the management of offshore wind power plants and platforms for HVDC and substations, and have a state-of-the-art control room that operates 24/7. We work as a team with our partners and have been firmly established in the wind energy industry for many years.


Green Wind Offshore has an independent control room that operates 24/7. We monitor the running of all installations, organise troubleshooting and risk management, and analyse potential weaknesses. We provide data around the clock for the coordination of application teams and logistics at all levels. We carry out continuous optimisations as well as reliable analyses and documentation.

Green Wind Offshore’s newly designed maintenance concept for offshore wind farms, platforms, cables onshore and on submarines, substations and switchgears can be applied to any large-scale project in the North Sea and Baltic Sea as well as on the coasts of England and France. Our range of expertise covers the organisation and coordination of every possible calculable maintenance procedure, unscheduled repair work and fault calls, and additional maintenance tasks onshore and offshore. We install and maintain coastal sites including spare part storages. The safe transport of materials and people is also part of our tasks.

Green Wind Offshore GmbH

Green Wind Offshore GmbH
Alt-Moabit 60a, 10555 Berlin