ENGIE Deutschland GmbH Windpark Betriebsführung


ENGIE Deutschland Windpark Betriebsführung is part of the ENGIE group, active in over 70 countries. ENGIE develops solutions in the field of renewable energies, energy efficiency and digitalisation.

The group operates 2500 wind turbines with a total capacity of 4.8 GW worldwide. Therefore, ENGIE has extensive experience with all major wind turbine types at different sites and with the analysis and monitoring of a huge amount of operational data. ENGIE Deutschland GmbH uses this know-how for the technical and commercial management of its own windfarms, as well as for those of its customers. The captive test laboratory and the technical experts provide all relevant information to operate the windfarms under management in the best possible interest of their owners. The long-time experienced commercial and technical employees of ENGIE Deutschland have currently 276 MW under operational management in Germany. ENGIE also takes over the full risk of the plant responsibility for the wind turbines and guarantees the complete fulfilment of all legal obligations. With the captive Control Centre there is also 24/7 monitoring available.


• experience in analysis and monitoring of operational data of 2500 wind turbines / approx. 4.8 GW installed capacity worldwide

• In Germany, ENGIE has currently 175 turbines with a total capacity of 276 MW under operational management

• Captive test laboratory, as well as technical experts in wind energy


Scope of services for windfarms

• technical and commercial management

• Taking over owners plant responsibility and performing DGUV 3 tests, maintenance and inspections of transformer and transmission stations

• direct marketing for windfarms under EEG feed in tariff

• project development and repowering

• support in health and safety

ENGIE Deutschland GmbH

ENGIE Deutschland GmbH Windpark Betriebsführung
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