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e-BO Enterprises NV is since 20 years a leading ICT-partner focusing on industry and organizations wanting to optimize their daily IT operations.

We care about delivering trust for your critical business, and especially for wind energy, making our planet a cooler place to live.

Our customer portfolio is widely spread amongst corporate business, defence, public safety, port authorities and on- and offshore energy activities.

With the most advanced solutions and professional approach, we inspire and support our customers to achieve their IT challenges.


e-BO Enterprises offers a total solution for windfarms related to telecommunication systems,

cybersecurity, system integration and data integration services, safety and security solutions.

e-Wind collaborative software platform aimed specifically at Onshore & Offshore Wind activities,

increases the efficiency in marine and energy operations, maintenance and asset management.

e-Wind plays a role in all phases, including construction, operation and maintenance:

• marine vessel coordination,

• asset management,


• energy data reporting,

• inventory and windfarm management.

Customers experience the advantages of a multivendor and modular platform approach, created by

comprehensive SaaS application with specific offshore industry knowhow.

Multiple disparate systems can be centrally managed and monitored, providing a common

operational picture and reducing complexity & costs.

Dedicated for Offshore Substations, e-BO offers an integrated software solution for on-site

windfarm operations.

It secures the network IT infrastructure, offers continuous monitoring and centralized management.

It’s a flexible solution allowing third party integration.

The unique platform offers an advanced IT risk management over the entire life span including

operations and maintenance of windfarms.

e-BO Enterprises NV

e-BO Enterprises NV
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