Cooperation Event
Zollabwicklung für die Offshore-Windenergie


Tuesday, February 25, 2020

10 a.m. Start and introduction to the seminar

10.15 a.m. - 12.15 p.m. 1st thematic block

12.15 - 13.00 Lunch break with small lunch snack

13.00 h - 16.00 h 2nd thematic block

16.00 hrs End of seminar


This special seminar for offshore wind energy is organised by bav in cooperation with the

Wind Energy Agency WAB e.V. by.

The seminar is aimed specifically at the operative employees of companies that install, operate or maintain wind farms at sea and are entrusted with customs clearance when the turbines are exported.

The focus of the seminar is on the treatment of the main features of the export procedure as well as the special features of delivery to facilities on the high seas, e.g. to exclusive economic zones.

In addition, special cases such as exchange deliveries, the duty-free reimportation of goods already exported or proof of VAT exemption for exports will be discussed.

Participants have the opportunity to submit specific questions up to 3 weeks before the start of the seminar.


Overview of topics:

The following overview contains a selection of all topics to be dealt with in the forum. By

current changes in the law may result in shifts in the focal points.

- Export processing (1st thematic block)

- Main features of the procedure

- simplifications

- Export to exclusive economic zones

- Delivery to offshore facilities

- Coding in the IT process Atl@s export

- Special features (2nd thematic block)

- turnover tax proof obligations

- Tax-exempt processing of returned goods

- exchange deliveries

- Carrying out repairs

- Use of tools

- Issue of status certificates

- Discussion of individual questions of the participants


The participation fee is 375,00 Euro plus 19% VAT.

Included in the seminar fee:

- Extensive seminar documentation in print and online versions

- bav certificate of participation

- Seminar catering (drinks, lunch, fruit and other refreshments during breaks)

The participation fee for WAB member companies is 315.00 Euro plus 19% VAT.


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10:00 - 16:00 h
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