WAB – the Wind Energy Agency is the network of the wind energy industry in Germany‘s northwest region and serves as a nationwide contact for the offshore wind industry. Since 2002, more than 350 German companies and institutes have become members of WAB; they cover all areas of the wind energy industry, from research and production to installation and maintenance.

WAB is involved in:

  • the development of offshore wind energy in Germany,
  • the development of wind energy and the promotion of repowering in the northwest region,
  • increasing cooperation between industry and science,
  • training professionals and managers for the wind industry,
  • the national and international representation of its members.


WAB is also committed to federal and state policies supporting the industry and organises marketing opportunities for onshore and offshore wind energy.

WAB represents its members in various wind energy associations:

  • the German Wind Energy Association (BWE)
  • the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)
  • the Renewable Energy Training Centre (BZEE)
  • the Offshore Wind Energy Foundation.


WAB offers its members:

  • the annual WINDFORCE - DIRECTION OFFSHORE conference,
  • shared booths at national and international trade fairs and congresses,
  • specialist events,
  • seminars,
  • thematic working groups,
  • a meeting in Bremen every two months – the meeting point of the wind energy industry,
  • international and national study trips,
  • the hosting of delegations,
  • excursions to wind energy businesses in the region,
  • studies, lobbying and public relations,
  • initiation of and guidance for research and training projects,
  • a newsletter in German and English every two months,
  • industry information such as the Offshore Wind Energy magazine,
  • contact to the right business partners


WAB is the first wind energy association to be accepted into the go-cluster [Germany's networks of expertise] project, in which the Ministry of Economics and Technology brings together the "most innovative and industrious" networks in the Federal Republic of Germany.