Job qualification - The industry needs staff

The wind energy industry is growing quickly and has significant demand for qualified employees. Whether for welders, laminators, engineers or IT specialists, about 3,000 new jobs will be created in the region in the medium term for the manufacture of wind turbines alone. The Wind Energy Agency assists in setting up training and job qualification services right from the start, commissions studies to identify training needs and organises workshops on qualification in the wind energy industry. Together with our partners, we are looking to consolidate the northwest region as an industrial location and to turn it into a centre for education and training for the wind energy industry. WAB contributes by advising educational institutions and businesses in developing occupational profiles, and consulting with regional politicians in terms of supporting new educational opportunities.

Wind studies – an excellent approach

Together with ForWind, the Centre for Wind Energy Research of the Universities of Oldenburg, Hanover and Bremen, WAB initiated advanced study courses in wind energy technology and
management. In 2007, the programme for the courses of study was honoured by the Bremer Landesbank with the NorthWest Award as having “evidently positive effects” and “creating a sense of identity”, and in 2009, the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative designated it “Selected Place of Ideas 2010”. These successful courses of study are already in their fifth academic year. More information: www.windstudium.de.

Regional training

Long-term commitment is paying off. Several educational institutions in the northwest region have meanwhile specialised in meeting the requirements of the wind energy industry. It is crucial to tailor education and training to the needs of businesses and to coordinate and provide attractive job qualification opportunities in the northwest region. The aim is to provide local education and training to young people in the region and offer them long-term job prospects.

How does the wind energy sector work?
The introductory seminar

For several years now, WAB has been pursuing its goal of promoting the regional wind energy industry. With the arrival of leading wind turbine manufacturers, suppliers and research institutes in the region, the forward-looking commitment of the WAB network has already proven successful. Even in these times, the wind energy industry has become increasingly interesting for more and more businesses, and for enterprises in other business sectors. Observing this trend, WAB in 2009 designed an introductory seminar in cooperation with Key Wind Energy; this has taken place twice yearly since then. The seminar gives an overview of the development and current state of wind energy utilisation and the wind energy sector in general, focusing on Germany’s northwest region. The target group includes WAB members and other interested businesses, associations and institutions as well as private persons – from newcomers to experts. This time the introductory seminar will be held only in german language.

“Zukunftsenergien Nordwest” –
the job and education fair

Renewable energies are a driving force for innovation and economic growth with bright future prospects. This potential was visibly expanded in the northwest region when the new zukunftsenergien nordwest [future energy in the northwest] job and education fair was launched in Oldenburg in March 2010. WAB supports the fair as a partner. The job fair will be held once a year alternately in Bremen and Oldenburg. More information: www.zukunftsenergien-nordwest.de.