Rapid growth worldwide

Offshore wind energy is one of the most important growth areas in the wind energy industry. From modest beginnings to this day, an entirely new industry has been created. In coming decades, many billions of euros will be invested in setting up a whole new energy supply. Dozens of maritime wind farms with almost 5,000 wind turbines are planned for the German North Sea and the German section of the Baltic Sea; developments are also progressing well in Britain, Denmark, Belgium and France. Manufacturers such as BARD Engineering, AREVA Wind and REpower Systems are building mass production plants for offshore wind turbines close to the coast, where they can directly ship turbines and components to construction sites on the high seas.

Coastal cities and communities have understood the opportunities this new industry provides for the economy and job creation and are upgrading their ports to meet the offshore challenge. WAB focuses on what is needed for continuing development and provides recommendations for realisation in cooperation with its partners. It has become the most effective networking agency for the offshore wind energy industry in Germany.

Offshore wind creates jobs

Some 3,000 new jobs in the region have already been created so far. This number will double in the medium term. Offshore wind energy is a strong economic factor in coastal areas. In the long term, 20,000 jobs will be created in service and maintenance. The new industry also generates and maintains jobs in supplier companies throughout the country.