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Merkur Offshore GmbH
Am Sandtorkai 74, 20457 Hamburg

Martina Kemper (PR & Office Management)
t: +49 (0) 40 607 779 811
f: +49 (0)152 367 114 14
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Merkur Offshore ist ein geplanter Offshore-Windpark in der deutschen Nordsee. Der Windpark wird aus 66 Windenergieanlagen mit jeweils 6 MW bestehen. Das Regelarbeitsvermögen des Windparks liegt bei ca. 1750 GWh pro Jahr.


The windfarm benefits from excellent wind resources (~10m/s) confirmed through wind studies underpinned by close proximity to “FINO-1” met mast and “Alpha Ventus” pilot project. Merkur Offshore will be equipped with 66 wind energy converters of Gerneral Electric’s offshore wind turbine “Haliade 150” with nominal power of 6 MW each. The hub height is more than 100 m above water level. The innovative gearless 6 MW machine is equipped with one of the largest rotors of the wind industry which is covering with its diameter of 150 m about the area of three football fields.




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