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NDE Offshore AB
Bäckvägen 20, 192 54 Sollentuna, Sweden

Mr Kristoffersson (CEO/Managing Director)
Mr Malmberg (Sales & Marketing Manager)
t: +46 (0) 8 410 56 610
f: +46 (0) 8 541 364 46
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NDE Offshore is a leading service and maintenance provider to the offshore wind and oil & gas industry.
We offer complete IRM solutions for all types of offshore structures using both subsea and topside services, in which we may carry out simultaneously.
With the support of the latest technology and our experienced personnel, we deliver safe and efficient campaigns carrying out inspection, repair, maintenance, survey and installation services.


The services NDE Offshore supply are both topside and subsea services and maintenance in the offshore sector.
It may include inspection, repair, maintenance, survey and installation work executed with ROV, diving and rope access services.


Siemens, BorWin Beta, HelWin Alpha, SylWin Alpha: Visual inspections using ROV + drone and multibeam survey.
Trianel, Borkum: Annual subsea inspections on substation jackets and tripods
ABB, DolWin Beta: Installation of filter units
Ocean Breeze, BARD I: Combined maintenance campaign with topside and subsea inspections
Siemens, BorWin Beta, HelWin Alpha, SylWin Alpha: Annual helideck inspections

Bilfinger, Sandbank: installation of reference cells and sonar transponders
OWS, BARD I: IRM contract with inspections of WEA/BARD I, cable repair, installation of reference cells anodes.
Siemens, BorWin Beta: Annual inspections of the helideck substructures
EWE, Alpha Ventus & Riffgat: Annual inspections of windfarms, repair of ICCP anodes and installation of cable seals
Siemens, HelWin Alpha: Relining of seawater return line, seabed and structure survey
Bilfinger, Wikinger: Test pile installation with seabed inspection, sensor cable handling
OWS, BARD I: IRM contract. Cable repair and installation of cable seals, installation of reference cells anodes
Siemens, BorWin Beta, HelWin Alpha, SylWin Alpha: Cutting hydralic jacking stands, removal of grout hoses, pipe lines and clamps. Inspection and sealing of holes in structure

Siemens, HelWin Alpha: Grouting operation and installation of hoses, grouting of legs and removal of equipment.
Siemens, BorWin Beta, HelWin Alpha: Cutting of hydraulic jacking stands, inspection work on platforms and sealing of holes in structure, removal of clamps.
Globaltech, Globaltech I: Cable installation in quadrant for lifting. Installation of anchor, transducers on test pile and cleaning and and inspection of J-tube.
Globaltech, Globaltech I: Survey and removal of locking ring to J-tube, installation of cable in wuadrant for lifting
BARD, BARD I: IRM contract for the completion of windfarm. Inspection, J-tube repair, dredging, anode cable  and sonar installation
Globaltech, Globaltech I: Diving and ROV work for the recovery and installation of transducers on pile and survey on windmills

Globaltech, Globaltech I: ROV survey of test pile. Repair and recovery of cables. Diving and ROV for recovery of transponders on pile
BARD: IRM contract with inspections, dredging, cutting and recovery of wire, clamp installation