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Ballindamm 17, 20095 Hamburg

Erik Pietsch
t: +49 (0) 172 3241929
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KONGSTEIN is a service provider focused at offshore engineering and maritime logistics for energy projects and operations with bases in Norway (Oslo and Bergen), Germany (Hamburg) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam).
Founded in Norway in 2016, its partners and staff accumulate decades of hands-on experience in major offshore projects and the energy industry and have access to a pool of highly qualified specialists world-wide. Unrivalled practical experience e.g. in the management of various challenging projects like Alpha Ventus, DanTysk, Helwin, Yttre Stengrund (decom) and Johan Sverdrup, warrants a solid approach to de-risking your energy business activities.

KONGSTEIN focusses on supporting the offshore industry, both oil & gas and the renewables, across the globe. From the development of advanced transport, installation and accommodation concepts for the offshore wind industry and the planning and execution of purpose build vessel conversions to de-commissioning projects. Second opinions and risk management, the procurement of offshore logistic services to complete project management, KONGSTEIN can provide you with the qualified resources to succesfully master your challenges.


KONGSTEIN provides expertise in marine engineering, logistics planning and implementation. Blending a unique set of talent and experience comprising mechanical engineers, master mariners, time planners and tugboat operators
KONGSTEIN is ready to tackle the renewable industry’s marine challenges. Provision of know-how, site-experienced staff and commercial as well as technical support on:
* Crane and Installation Vessels
* Offshore Logistics Support Services
* Marine Surveillence and Coordination
* Construction Readiness Reviews
* MWS Interface Management
* Deconstruction



WAB general meeting, Bremerhaven

01.02.17 Special seminar on customs clearance, Bremen

01.02.17 WAB social get together, Bremen

08.–09.02.17 WINDFORCE Baltic Sea, Tallin, Estonia

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